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its worth Visiting Morocco During Ramadan 2024


It could be an interesting and culturally enriching experience to visit Morocco during Ramadan, but it’s important to understand the traditions and rituals connected to this holy month in the Islamic calendar. For Muslims, Ramadan is a period of fasting, prayer, and introspection that usually lasts for 29 or 30 days, depending on when the moon is shining.

1-What Is Ramadan?

The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar is Ramadan, which is observed as a holy month by Muslims worldwide. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset on this month, fasting from all forms of food and drink, including water, as well as other “physical needs” like sex and smoking. Rather, they emphasize introspection, prayer, empathy for the underprivileged, and quality time spent with loved ones.

2- When is Ramadan in Morocco

Muslims everywhere observe Ramadan at the same time, and Morocco is no exception. The dates of Ramadan change annually by 11 days since the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, 11 days shorter than the solar Gregorian calendar. Ramadan occurred in 2024 from March 11 to 09 April

3- What is special about Ramadan?

The traditional Ramadan sweets that are baked by every household and sold in various stores are one of the particular aspects of Ramadan in Morocco. The most well-known is most likely Chebakia, a spicy cookie that is deep-fried in oil, coated in sugar syrup, and topped with sesame seeds. It’s quite tasty, but after a few days, it may get a bit excessive. There are numerous additional cookies as well; some are baked with almonds, and some include date filling.

Harira: As was previously noted, this classic Moroccan soup is frequently connected to Ramadan. Usually, it has a foundation of beans and lentils with tomatoes, 

4- What Does Ramadan Mean For Muslims?

For Muslims, the most important part of Ramadan is prayer since it is a time for greater dedication, introspection, and spiritual development. A Muslim’s daily routine is centered around their five daily prayers, or salat. This is also the case during Ramadan. Nonetheless, Muslims observe additional prayers and unique customs during this holy month.

5- Are restaurants open during Ramadan and do they serve wine and beer?

During Ramadan, the majority of the neighborhood’s cafés and businesses close during the day; some close for the whole month. In order to give you, as a tourist, the opportunity to experience Ramadan directly, your travel agency can advise you on how to take part in an Iftar Meal with your family. During Ramadan, Western-style hotels and restaurants are open. Moroccans will not be served wine or beer at these establishments, but foreigners will. Serving alcohol to Moroccans during Ramadan is illegal in Morocco

6- Should I Travel to Morocco During Ramadan?

Travelers generally ask as to whether visiting Islamic nations during Ramadan is a wise decision. In North Africa, visitors are still greeted with open arms and can still take in the same attractions as they would in other months of the year. North African travel is always an exciting adventure! It is home to a diverse culture and community that have developed over years of experiencing different foreign cultures. This fact remains unchanged during the month of Ramadan. You will have a deeper.respect for Muslims and their adherence to their religion if you spend this unique month among them. You will experience an unequaled personal look into the culture


traveling to Morocco for Ramadan Learning more about this country’s culture and how its citizens observe the fasting days during Ramadan is an incredible experience. take a vacation and tour the whole country

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