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Northern Gems Exploration

Discover Tangier: North Morocco Tour from Airport/Port

Embark on a captivating journey through Northern Morocco, starting from the Tangier airport or port. Explore the vibrant medina, stunning coastal views, and rich cultural heritage of Tangier on this immersive city tour. Join us for an unforgettable adventure uncovering the hidden gems of Tangier.


Embark on a captivating journey through Northern Morocco with our tour starting from the Tangier airport or port. This immersive adventure unveils the unique charm and rich history of Tangier, a city where cultures converge and history comes alive.

Begin your tour in Tangier, a bustling port city known for its vibrant medina and stunning coastal views. Explore the narrow, winding streets of the old medina, where the sights, sounds, and scents of Morocco captivate your senses. Discover the architectural marvels, such as the Kasbah Museum, which offers panoramic views of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Stroll along the picturesque Corniche, taking in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Visit the historic American Legation Museum, a symbol of the longstanding relationship between Morocco and the United States, and delve into the city’s multicultural heritage.

Experience the lively atmosphere of the Grand Socco, where locals and visitors mingle amidst bustling markets and quaint cafes. Savor the flavors of traditional Moroccan cuisine in local eateries, from aromatic tagines to fresh seafood dishes.

Let our knowledgeable guides lead you through the enchanting streets and landmarks of Tangier, sharing stories of its storied past and vibrant present. Join us on this exploration of Northern Morocco, starting from the airport or port, and uncover the hidden gems of Tangier in a journey you’ll never forget.


Cape Spartel

Visit this scenic cape where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. The lighthouse at Cape Spartel offers stunning panoramic views, and it’s a great spot for photos.

Hercules Caves:

These ancient caves, associated with the legendary hero Hercules, are a short drive from Tangier. The cave openings create a picturesque view of the sea, and the area is steeped in myth and history. Tangier Beach: Relax on the sandy shores of Tangier’s beach. The beachfront promenade is perfect for a leisurely stroll, and there are plenty of cafés and restaurants to enjoy a meal with a view

Kasbah Museum (Dar el Makhzen):

Located in the old Sultan’s palace, this museum offers a fascinating collection of artifacts, including Moroccan art, historical manuscripts, and archaeological finds. The palace itself is a beautiful example of traditional Moroccan architecture A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the medina is renowned for its well-preserved Andalusian architecture. Wander through its narrow, winding streets filled with markets, artisan workshops, and historical buildings.

Royal Palace:

While the palace itself is not open to the public, its impressive exterior and the surrounding gardens are worth a visit. The palace is located at the edge of the medina. This museum offers a collection of artifacts from the Roman and Phoenician periods, providing insight into the ancient history of the region Tetouan has a rich Jewish heritage, and visiting the cemetery and synagogue offers a glimpse into the history and contributions of the Jewish community in the region Akchour Waterfalls: A natural attraction located about 30 km from Chefchaouen, the Akchour waterfalls are a popular destination for hiking and picnicking. The area offers beautiful scenery and refreshing swimming spots.

Spanish Mosque:

Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the Spanish Mosque offers panoramic views of Chefchaouen and the surrounding mountains. It’s a short hike from the medina and is especially beautiful at sunset Walls and Gates: The medina is surrounded by impressive 15th-century ramparts built by the Portuguese. The main gate, Bab Homar, and the seaside gate, Bab Bhar, are particularly noteworthy. the magical view of the village and the mountains of the Talassemtane National Park


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We pick up you at the airport or port (Tangerville) of Tangier. We will tour
with you the main tourist attractions to visit.
Tangier, “the high”, as the Moroccans nickname it, is the surprising northern
gate of Morocco. Land of spies and intrigues, it was a city of welcome of
illustrious writers like Paul Bowles who resided in it attracted by the aura of
its mystery. The city travels at an incredible speed of new modernity and
luxury and combines ancient Arabic styles and the influence of old Spanish
and French protectorates. It is, therefore, a mixture of styles as a border city
open to the sea that looks towards Europe from the Strait of Gibraltar. Not
in vain is one hour from Tarifa (Spain) by ferry.
With the car we take you to Cape Spartel. We pass through a beautiful
residential area and the royal palaces to the Perdicaris Park. It was once
the residence of a couple that bore this name, and recorded the most
famous international incident in the area of the early twentieth century. To
reach the lighthouse of Cape Spartel is to know one’s at the crossroads of
two oceans, since at this point the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet.
Along with the lighthouse of Malabata, it flanks the bay of Tangier.
You will find amazing views of cliffs and beaches that we meet later. You
will also have the opportunity to walk with dromedaries that are in the area.
The road takes us to Hercules Caves, whose silhouette to the sea is the
most representative image of Tangier and marked the entrance for
centuries of the African continent.
The way back will lead us to Marshan neighborhood, in the square of the
imposing royal palace. There is the small enclave of Phoenician
tombs carved into the rock, one of the most crowded viewpoints to
Gibraltar’s Strait among the inhabitants of the city. You can also have tea at
the Hafa café that is very close. And observe how Moroccans spend time
looking at the freighters and ships that cross the waters between Tarifa and
our metropolis.
From this point on top of the old Tangier, you cross the wall that surrounds
the Kasbah. Then you can visit the interesting and beautiful renovated
museum in the former Sultan’s palace. Then, you choose to have fun
walking through the medina following the marked itineraries or on a guided
tour. Until you reach iconic places like the Petit Zoco square, American
Delegation, the old big souk now converted into the 9th April Square and
the historic café Paris.

We travel to Tetouan by the beautiful inland road where we will appreciate
the rural Morocco that stretches between Tangier and our destination. You
can make a stop in the village of Ait Lahcen to observe the landscape and
rural life while having tea or taking a short walk. Depending on the time, we
can stop there to eat one of the wonderful tajines or grilled meat cooked in
the typical stalls of this road town. By default we will choose this last route
or the highway because it is faster.
Tetouan is the former capital of the Spanish protectorate. Also known by
the nickname “The white dove”, the city covers the hillsides where it is
settled with whitewashed houses. On a guided tour you can enjoy its huge
medina, declared a World Heritage Site. It is a real wonder and very little
known. You will perceive that it still remains authentic and you can enjoy
observing all kinds of artisans working in it.
It is very nice to start the visit from the Moulay El Mehdi Square, where the
bell of a Catholic church still tells time. Then, stroll through the stylish
“Ensanche” enjoying the well-preserved colonial facades to the royal
palace. Everything in Tetouan is painted white and green. And it is also full
of signs of its old Spanish character. The palace is located in the
beautiful Hassan II square, garnished with modernist columns of a disciple
of Gaudí who resided in Melilla.
Tetouan has not yet been invaded by tourism and it is worth observing the
daily life of its inhabitants to get an idea of what Morocco is nowadays. The
light of Tetouan, as in Tangier, is so bright that you will not forget. After the
visit, we travel to Chaouen.

The magical blue village of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains is 115 km by
road to the southeast of Tangier.
Although it is a very tourist destination, it is a sacred town that only since
1920, with the arrival of the Spanish, began to allow foreigners to enter.
And this is perceived from the first moment. It is an essential visit for the
beauty of the place and its peculiarity.
In Chaouen you will enjoy the walk through its cozy streets painted indigo
blue. There are different theories about why they are blue. For many they
are ranked among the 10 most beautiful streets in the world. Instagramers:
it will be your delight, every street, every door and every corner is a
beautiful photograph.
You can visit the Kasbah and go upstairs its tower from where to observe
the magical view of the village and the mountains of the Talassemtane
National Park. We will approach to the river where the women gather to
wash clothes and lay it in the sun following their customs. The medina is full
of craft shops, so you can also enjoy of doing some shopping. The
Andalusian-style Uta Al-Hammam square with restaurants on the roof of
its buildings is ideal for lunch or take a tea in a pleasant place enjoying the
If you stay a couple of days, in addition to the excursion to Chaouen we can
make excursions to Talassemtane park, to Akchour waterfalls, or reach
the sea in Oued Laou. You will enjoy breathtaking landscape when going
The way back it to the beautiful town of Assilah. This maritime destination
will surely delight you. It is a small enclave amidst beaches of fine sand that
is located about 50 km on the south. The road trip will allow you to enjoy a
beautiful landscape of these infinite beaches that stretch along the northern
Atlantic coast of Morocco. If you wish, we can stop to take some pictures.
Or also take a short walk on the seashore in a detour.

In summer, this fishing port is a popular beach destination. Its
unique Portuguese fortification protects its charming little medina of
whitewashed houses. It is delicious to walk quietly in the silence of its
narrow streets. Each corner and each door are a postcard. If it is already
accessible, we reach the viewpoint of the fortress wall that enters into the
sea. There you can sit and relax with the view on the white profile of houses
and rocks in which the waves break. It is a time to enjoy that you will not
In addition, facades of Assilah are the annual setting of the art festival,
which paints them with murals of different styles. It is a gift for the sight that
produces from year to year, different portraits of its corners. You will
discover also that the medina is full of bohemian-style stores. You can stop
to buy clothes, pottery, jewelry or some other Moroccan souvenir. And do
not forget to visit, very close to the medina, the beautiful Christian church
of San Bartolomé, from 1927. It is always a curious contrast amidst the
Moroccan buildings that surround it.
However, the prehistoric jewel 15 km from Assilah, is the
unknown Cromlech of M’zora. It is a small set of circle monoliths like those
of Stonehenge in United Kingdom. And in fact, it is the only megalithic
monument known in all of North Africa. If you want to hire this option added
to the Assilah excursion, just let us know it.
Depending on the schedule of the excursion, it is worth eating in a fresh fish
restaurant halfway, or already in Assilah itself.
Transfer to the airport or port of Tangier and end of our services

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