Tanger Travel Guide

Tanger Travel Guide

The First Port of Call in Morocco

Tangier is a city in Morocco situated between two seas, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet. The only thing between Andalusian Span from the northern point of Morocco and a heady blend of East and West is the Strait of Gibraltar. We greet clients who have opted to travel into Morocco by the quick ferry ride from Tarifa, Spain, at Tangier Ville Port. We often meet up with clients at the Ibn Battouta Airport in Tangiers. For our excursions that visit the Northern coastal regions and the Riff Mountains, including its Imperial Cities, before heading to the South of Morocco or the Sahara, Tangier is the perfect place to arrive.

Tangiers’ Hedonistic History

Tangier were international royalty, singers, authors, painters, film stars, playwrights, and wealthy people looking for their next hedonistic dose. Tangier, a Moroccan hotspot of decadence for tourists from all over the world from the 1940s until the early 1960s, was a city full of exotic promise and hedonistic enjoyment. As a result, the city is filled with literary and artistic landmarks. The city’s reputation as a global melting pot vanished after Morocco broke away from French domination and gained independence. Tangier has always emitted the somewhat faded charm of its bohemian and hedonistic age, despite the fact that many of its magnificent colonial structures were abandoned and allowed to crumble.

Today’s Tangier

Magnificent palm trees and posh international hotels now flank the beach and North Atlantic promenade of Tangier, many of its once-grand structures having been restored to their previous splendor. Tangier’s restored affluence coexists with a degree of poverty typical of a port town, and both are visible to the naked eye. It appears that Tangier struggles to define its own identity since it has had to adopt the cultures of others. Consequently, one must visit the old Tangier, its historic Medina, where the aromas and customs of Morocco and North Africa still predominate. It is obvious that you have reached Morocco from this point forward. The numerous artistic and cultural landmarks of Tangier serve as a reminder to

A place worth visiting in Tanger

CAP SPARTEL: The Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas merge at Cap Spartel, a magnificent natural wonder in northern Morocco close to Tangier. This charming coast is well-known for its breathtaking panoramic views, where guests can see the two bodies of water converge, producing an enthralling display of roaring waves and swirling currents. Cap Spartel’s famous lighthouse guards the rocky shore, directing ships and providing a scenic setting for special occasions. Cap Spartel is a must-visit location for photographers and environment lovers alike, where the stunning coastline of Morocco is shown against horizons of unending blue.fury

Hercules Caves : These caverns have a rich past and mythology. This is where, so the tale goes, Hercules slept after his labors. One of the main attractions are the cave entrances formed like an African map.

Kasbah Museum: Located in the historic Kasbah of Tangier, this museum showcases artifacts from the city’s history, including art, archaeological finds, and exhibitions on Moroccan culture

Tangier Beach : The city’s main beach, offering a long stretch of sand and a promenade. It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists to relax and enjoy the sea

Jessica G

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Awesome + Memorable

An awesome and memorable way to experience Morocco, we loved everything! Very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend these guys 👍🏼

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Beautiful Cities and landscapes

Our tour guide Mustafa was amazing. We got to see wonderful cities, Casablanca, Rabat,Marrakech and fez. The scenery was varied from mountains to the countryside and deserts and ocean. I would recommend Mustafa for your guide.

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Fantastic Moroccon experience

Morocco is beautiful and has amazing landscapes and ofcourse cuisine!
And the best way to do it is with this tour company. They treat you like family and ensure your trip is authentic and wonderful.
Would highly recommend!!

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Amazing time! Would definitely recommend! Everyone is so nice and the cities are beautiful! Best trip ever!


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a professional and kind guide

we spent 4 days in Marrakech during which we were accompanied to the most beautiful places in Morocco with a splendid brand new jeep, impeccable knowledge of the main places, kindness and professionalism characterized our excursions, if you are in Morocco don’t miss out on the beautiful excursions with him, as well as an excellent guide you will also find an excellent friend. highly recommended

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Truly a wonderful experience, I fell in love with Morocco

Mustapha in Morocco I had wonderful tours around Morocco High recommendation . Excellent treatment and care on the excursions, really excellent

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