Chefchaouen Travel Guide

Chefchaouen Travel Guide

The Blue Town:

Despite being one of the most attractive villages in Morocco’s Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen has frequently been left off on tours because of its isolated location in the north. But now that it’s officially marked on the map for visitors, it’s only a 120-kilometer journey south of Tangier. Getting there or going from Tangier makes for an easy and comfortable trip to Chefchaouen. With its stores and residences perched on the slope, this village with Spanish influences has remained mostly unaltered. The town’s distinctive blue color is visible to everybody upon approaching. The answer to the question of whether Chefchaouen is indeed as blue as it seems in all of its promotional materials is that it is.

Chefchaouen’s Appeal via Instagram

This little hillside village seems to have been highlighted with every hue of blue under the sun. Every nook and cranny of the town is stained, from the deep indigo to the more subdued blue color wash that appears to have been drained out by the paint tin load. This relaxed Moroccan-Andalusian town has gained popularity in recent years as a destination for Instagram users who are always searching for breathtaking photos to post. Despite Chefchaouen’s position in a region of exceptional natural beauty, it is still essential to include a visit there even if Instagram is the last thing on your mind when traveling. It is renowned for its exceptional artisan leather items and crafts that are exclusive to Morocco’s north.

Rif Valley And Day Tours To Akchour Falls

Many visitors short on travel time make only a fleeting overnight stay in Chefchaouen however it also merits a more relaxed stay. A two-night stay will afford you the time to experience a colour change into the green Rif Mountain landscape where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region. A visit to the almost hidden paradise of the Akchour waterfalls is the perfect environment for relaxing in or for taking a professionally guided hike. While here enjoy a tagging lunch at tables placed in the water where you can rejuvenate your hot hiking feet in the cooling waters. Without a doubt, blue and green make picture-perfect colour scenes in Northern Morocco.

Jessica G

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Awesome + Memorable

An awesome and memorable way to experience Morocco, we loved everything! Very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend these guys 👍🏼

Vicki P

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Beautiful Cities and landscapes

Our tour guide Mustafa was amazing. We got to see wonderful cities, Casablanca, Rabat,Marrakech and fez. The scenery was varied from mountains to the countryside and deserts and ocean. I would recommend Mustafa for your guide.

Abu D

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Fantastic Moroccon experience

Morocco is beautiful and has amazing landscapes and ofcourse cuisine!
And the best way to do it is with this tour company. They treat you like family and ensure your trip is authentic and wonderful.
Would highly recommend!!

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Amazing time! Would definitely recommend! Everyone is so nice and the cities are beautiful! Best trip ever!


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a professional and kind guide

we spent 4 days in Marrakech during which we were accompanied to the most beautiful places in Morocco with a splendid brand new jeep, impeccable knowledge of the main places, kindness and professionalism characterized our excursions, if you are in Morocco don’t miss out on the beautiful excursions with him, as well as an excellent guide you will also find an excellent friend. highly recommended

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Truly a wonderful experience, I fell in love with Morocco

Mustapha in Morocco I had wonderful tours around Morocco High recommendation . Excellent treatment and care on the excursions, really excellent

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