Casablanca Travel Guide

Casablanca Travel Guide

The White City

Known to the locals as “Casa,” Casablanca is located on the same length of Atlantic coastline as Rabat, to the northwest of Marrakech. Morocco’s greatest city and its red city is Marrakech; Casablanca, on the other hand, is white and the country’s economic hub.

This embodies a more westernized Morocco and is the heart and soul of Morocco in the twenty-first century.

Stunning Islamic Art & Art Deco Architecture

In view of this, Casablanca could be the least unusual travel destination in Morocco. Compared to Fez or Marrakech, it might not be as historically significant or aesthetically pleasing. But Casablanca offers a fascinating blend of rich cultural traditions interspersed with modern metropolitan life. Superb examples of Art Deco and Islamic architecture coexist with modern structures.

Some of the best preserved structures in the nation may be found there. The city offers yet another amazing visual treat thanks to its unique fusion of Moroccan handicraft and Parisian Art Deco design!

All That Glistens & Glows

Beneath the building’s beautiful arches anything from vats of fresh olives, to decorative and non-decorative houseware, from exquisite and expensive gold jewellery to inexpensive souvenirs, is there to be haggled over and all within close proximity to the opulent Royal Palace. The palace is only a short walk away from such frenetic activity

Mosque View

Among other things, Casablanca is the location of the magnificent monument known as the Hassan 11 Mosque, which is the second biggest mosque globally. The mosque, which has a glass floor that allows views of the ocean below, stands majestically in a dramatic manner on the edge of the old medina and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean!

The mosque’s 200-meter-tall minaret is the highest in the world, and two 30-kilometer-long laser beams that resemble enormous fingers point toward Mecca from the top of the tower.

Casablanca market

You will find Casablanca, overall, to be very European in influence, with it’s established cosmopolitan shopping, nightlife and café and restaurant culture. Residential boulevards that wouldn’t look out of place in Beverly Hills, along with chic French restaurants and beach clubs, playing host to Morocco’s wealthiest and most westernised people. However shopping in the Habbous district, behind the Kings Palace, you will find a large collection of souks, still very much part of life in Casablanca and where literally, everything can be found.

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Awesome + Memorable

An awesome and memorable way to experience Morocco, we loved everything! Very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend these guys 👍🏼

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Beautiful Cities and landscapes

Our tour guide Mustafa was amazing. We got to see wonderful cities, Casablanca, Rabat,Marrakech and fez. The scenery was varied from mountains to the countryside and deserts and ocean. I would recommend Mustafa for your guide.

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Fantastic Moroccon experience

Morocco is beautiful and has amazing landscapes and ofcourse cuisine!
And the best way to do it is with this tour company. They treat you like family and ensure your trip is authentic and wonderful.
Would highly recommend!!

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Amazing time! Would definitely recommend! Everyone is so nice and the cities are beautiful! Best trip ever!


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a professional and kind guide

we spent 4 days in Marrakech during which we were accompanied to the most beautiful places in Morocco with a splendid brand new jeep, impeccable knowledge of the main places, kindness and professionalism characterized our excursions, if you are in Morocco don’t miss out on the beautiful excursions with him, as well as an excellent guide you will also find an excellent friend. highly recommended

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Truly a wonderful experience, I fell in love with Morocco

Mustapha in Morocco I had wonderful tours around Morocco High recommendation . Excellent treatment and care on the excursions, really excellent

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